Dave’s nominators

I am pleased to nominate Dave Bagler to Green Party of Canada Federal Council, as Fund Representative. I met Dave digitally for the first time in 2015 when I was managing Paul Manly’s first federal campaign. Dave advised me on data crunching, campaign planning, voter ID and GOTV.

In 2019 during the two winning campaigns I managed for Paul Manly, Dave once again provided invaluable advice and teachings to me about voter ID strategy and planning, about data and number crunching, and about GOTV and AGOTV. I believe Dave has the right ideas and proven experience around the collection and effective use of data in modern election campaigns.

In all my dealings with Dave, I have found him to be a reasonable, intelligent, generous, measured and insightful person. He has a very deep wealth of experience as a campaigner and a planner. I believe Dave would be an invaluable member of Federal Council. ~ Ilan Goldenblatt

I have known Dave for many years.  His dedication has inspired me to commit more time, treasure and talent to the Green Party of Canada. Dave is committed and talented and has gained my trust. ~ Steve Dyck

Dave Baglar has a long history with the Green Party. He cares about the party. More important, he cares about Planet Earth. I think of him as a practical idealist. I think he would serve us well as Fund Rep.He also produces fine Young Greens! ~ Bruce Hyer

I have known Dave ever since I joined the Green Party while he was President.  I’ve always known him to be a credible and ethical individual. He would make an honest Fund Representative, that will uphold Green values in all his duties. ~ Shawn Setyo

I worked with Dave during the Federal Election 2019 and I found him strategic, knowledgeable, professional, supportive and very personable. I know he will add value and experience to the council. ~ Dianne Dance

Dave was on the ground here on PEI helping get Greens elected. Even when at home in Ontario he was using his skills to help here. That is how Greens win, good people, doing good work for what they believe in. ~ Steve Howard

Dave and I bonded over his dedication to creating change through the politics of the Green movement in 2010. He’s intelligent, strategic, and persistent. The next federal council is going to bridge the Green Party of Canada to a new era, and Dave’s commitment to professionalism, best practice, evidence-based decisions and doing politics differently while still doing politics is sorely needed. I’m happy that Dave is on his way to join Federal Council. ~ Robert Routledge

Dave is a hard working Green that will perform admirably in this portfolio. ~ Kevin Nichols

Dave has been a long-time dedicated supporter of the Greens, and has worked hard in many a campaign to get our ground game up to professional levels.  His experience has taught me a lot about campaigning.  He is also easy to work with due to his friendly nature, and his reliance on evidence and data-driven approaches. ~ Gillian Maurice

Working with Dave in both campaign and governance roles over many years, I have always found him to be deeply dedicated and highly effective. Dave maintains a clear view of the big picture, identifies goals that make a difference and draws the best effort from any team. ~ Jason Hammond

Abhijeet Manay, Al de Jong, Alysia Boudreau, Ard Van Leeuwen,

Becky Smit, Bill Hewitt, Bill Matheson, Bob MacKie, Bruce Hyer

Caitlin Brice, Camille Labchuk, Claire Kelly, Colin Griffiths,

Darcie Lanthier, David Merner, David Nickarz, Dianne Dance, Dirk Hoeppner,

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Ian Elwood-Oates, Ilan Goldenblatt,

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Ralph Benmurgui, Ralph McLean, Robert Routledge

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