Why Dave’s running

According to the Federal Council Code of Conduct (you must be logged in to greenparty.ca to access this page), Federal Councillors set the longĀ­term strategic vision of the Party. They oversee the work of the Executive Director against the Annual Plan. They act as stewards for the resources of the Party, respecting the expectations of the members. They serve the members through upholding the Party’s constitution and report the business of the Party to the members.

The Fund Representative is a member of the Federal Council, the Executive Council and traditionally has served as the representative between the Federal Council and the Fund with a seat on both boards, as per the Party’s constitution and the Fund’s bylaws.

The 2019 election result has given us an opportunity for growth arguably unseen since our breakthrough win in 2011. We need to come together in a spirit of honest optimism and collaboration. Here is my plan if elected as your Fund Rep.


Members, Electoral District Associations and various Coordinated groups within the Party must have prominent roles in our growth. While the grass-roots entities of our Party have some latitude in determining their own goals and defining their plans, we will serve many party units better with guides, metrics and goals incorporated in the Party’s strategic plan. Also, the Federal Council needs to invite these groups to observe and participate in central governance conversations. If elected, Dave will work to:

  • Ensure that the Green Party’s strategic plan recognizes the importance of EDAs and other party units to our ability to accomplish our goals
  • Encourage EDA executive members to observe council and committee meetings habitually and encourage their feedback and participation
  • Design and implement systematic strategies to gather input from disparate party units in advance of council meetings
  • Address problems and misconceptions between grass-root party units and central party bodies, and proactively work to establish a better understanding of the roles of each unit


To grow and elect more Green members of Parliament, we must focus our limited resources and concentrate our efforts where they will be most impactful. The necessary level of focus will require stable, predictable governance. In other words, the Federal Council must contribute to our growth, not distract from it. If elected, Dave will work to:

  • Ensure agendas focus on items within the scope of the Council’s authority and block agenda items that are outside the purview of the Council
  • Provide members with more information about the structure of the Party and the various roles including staff, members, the leader, the Fund and the Council through training, one-on-one meetings, and other communications
  • Actively encourage members to observe council meetings
  • Create opportunities for members to ask questions directly to Councillors, for example, webinars


The Green Party is not only a political party but an employer. Most Greens believe that we should encourage employers to be good ones. That means treating staff well, with respect and clarity while staying focused on our goals. Unfortunately, there has been recent Council noncompliance, low-morale issues and turnover. These problems have cost us time and stalled the momentum we had coming out of last year’s election, potentially causing long-term damage to the Party. The Green Party must be a good employer that respects its employees. If elected, Dave will work to:

  • Continue the progress the Party is making to become more diverse and implement inclusive policies
  • Change the Federal Council code of conduct and handbook related to staff interactions and the limits of the role of the Council in employment-related decisions and work to hold Councillors accountable to their commitment to abide by the code of conduct
  • Improve the members’ code of conduct regarding the treatment of staff
  • Review any HR or HR policy decisions made by the current Council and ensure the policies resolve potential problems
  • Give the next Executive Director an in-minutes confirmation that the Council will not retaliate or pressure them based on hiring and staff retention decisions

Dave has the Party experience to implement this plan, read more about Dave’s experience.